What is your voting story?
What did you hope would change for our country with your vote and actions?

Malaysia is going through an incredible transformation. And this is because of us – our work, our commitent, our belief, our collective vision, our power. Against all odds, we put everything we have into making this change happen.

And this didn’t only happen on 9 May, or in 2018. This is a story that stretched back for decades, as many people worked and struggled in countless ways to make this happen.

Let’s not forget. The transformation of 9 May belongs to the people.

#CeritaUndi is started by a group of individuals who thought that at this particular moment of transformation, it is important to pause, document and celebrate the stories of everyday Malaysians who made this happen.

Why this initiative?

  • So that people’s history is not forgotten as we go through massive changes
  • To remind ourselves and each other that his transformation is because of what we the ordinary people of Malaysia – did. It’s about the people, not only politicians. And that this transformation is rooted in a longer history.
  • Say clearly the changes we hoped to see when we engaged in this democratic process for change. As a mandate and reminder to the new government as we work towards a renewed Malaysia.
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