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“It’s a new day. For the oldies like me i.e Gen X it’s a very heavy mix of fear and hope”

May 23, 2018


“It’s a new day. For the oldies like me i.e Gen X it’s a very heavy mix of fear and hope”

Cerita Undi by Aravind Vasudevan.

I got a message from my PACA Chief on Monday asking me to come for a simple thank-you dinner on Tuesday, organised by PKR to thank all the Pandan PACAs; there was a good chance that the MPs and Aduns might stop by.

I called a friend who was also a PACA in Pandan (different school) and he said let’s go. We went to a tiny Dewan in Pandan Indah which had about 20 tables (more on that later). It was simple fare, just rice and ayam masak merah / rendang and air sirap. No lavish feast, no door gifts, no kompang or bunga telur.

The MC thanked us all for our help, asked us to enjoy the food and confirmed that Kak Wan was on the way.

That usually means she wasn’t coming or might stop by for 5 minutes after 3 hours. So I decided to makan and relax. She was there in 15 minutes, not 3 hours. and I kid you not, she was mobbed. Like a rock star, people clamouring for selfies, autographs (!?), hugs. You name it la, youngsters, yuppies in office wear, aunties, uncles, one Chinese uncle even asked for a picture and put his arm on her shoulder.

No police, no UTK, no Special Branch. Which is just as well as his arms would have been broken had it been a BN dinner.

Never said no, never stopped smiling and it took her about 20 mins to inch from the door of the hall to the stage which wasn’t even 100 feet.

She gave a short speech thanking us for all we did and promised that PH would do its best for us. Then she went to every table for pictures, even I have a selfie with her and my friend and the hugging Chinese photobomber.

When Anwar went to jail, he gave Kak Wan to the people. And they’ve adopted her as well. I hope there isn’t any Pandan move because she deserves her place, there was a time when she was the only PKR MP in the country. She’s led the line and the people have supported her.

It’s a new day. For the oldies like me ie Gen X it’s a very heavy mix of fear and hope. It’s much better than just fear and despair. just to add : there were only about 20 or 25 tables because of the over 500 people who signed up, only half turned up for duty.

We have a chance to bring our country back. We have to defend that chance. And you have to come out again in 5 years. It’s great to see your inked fingers all over FB, but if you can, please do more.

Become a PACA or Pemantau, be a runner for postal votes. I know runners like Rao Murugesh who served by fetching votes from KLIA and rushing them all over Subang and PJ. Bring food for hungry volunteers, give them rides, join INVOKE, donate, but above all you must be all in. #ALLIN #nomoremigrate #yourcountryneedsyou #selamatberpuasa #woohoobazaarRamadan

Cover image credit : Azri Azahar, Flickr

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  1. Rao

    Aravind! you are the true unsung heroes and the true force that move and made a new Malaysia! Some even said Kemerdekaan Kedua and you my friend are the true rakyat who fought for the independence! 9th May 2018

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