“Just like anyone else, I wanted a fresh new government….”

May 30, 2018


“Just like anyone else, I wanted a fresh new government….”

Cerita Undi by Catherine Chu (Kota Belud, Sabah)

A Day in history
9 May 2018 Wednesday

Just like anyone else, I wanted a fresh new government…. so worked very hard for opposition both for Warisan and PKR as they were the candidates… Off I went … to be an observer only although help out in the PACA…. I told them I am comfortable to be ever ready volunteer… at any time and any where.

In the morning at 9am I accompany my mum to vote at our voting station…. SJK (C) Chung Hwa…. I was not allowed in helping my mum (88 yrs old) to vote by the KTM (ketua tempat mengundi)…. reason given was mum is still capable and she will help mum instead.

For my own duty as a good citizen I made my way to vote at 2pm then planned to stay back … hang around the polling station as an observer at the barong….I invited another friend…. Sharon to join my mission. Sharon came along with her daughter and son and I stayed at the barong… become ‘pat poh’.

Off the clock ticked at 5 pm…. the polling centre closed… awaited for the counting took place.

The PTM penyelia tempat mengundi was puzzled and not happy with our presence there, came to ask for the appointment letters of the fellow PACA of the opposition party at the barong, but she dared not acknowledge our presence although we knew each other in the Chinese community and she is the present school head mistress.

While we were there… at 6.30pm. Three vehicles 2 dark tinted 4xwheel drive and a kancil car drove into the compound… a few gentlemen came down. Form far I knew who they were…. the main figure was the UMNO candidate Deal’s political sec.

They knocked at the saluran 2 classroom while counting ballets were in progress. Later the KTM told be that they were asking if they had the result of the parliament seat.

While there were there I walked toward them…approached them… wondering what they were up to…. when the political sec. who was my education ex- colleague (our education dept driver) was taken aback… Saw me at that moment, it had never crossed his mind that I will be there. Feeling ashamed and puzzled and after shaked hands with us, he left with his geng.

By this time my friends and I as well the party PACA were feeling anxiety and predict what might or will happen…

We kept on remind each other and warn if the form 14 is not being certified by the the KTM… we will react to close the gate. By the time almost reached 8.30pm the counting agents of saluran 2 and 3 came to us and confirmed that their F14 had been signed… we were happy as both saluran we had won. Then 8.45pm came the saluran counting agent and asked him.if his F14 has been certified. He told us that the KTM refused to put down her signature.

I had to step in now, led the counting agent to see the KTM again….. again she refused to sign…. asked her for the reason…. that KTM is not allowed to sign any other forms except the SPR documents.

By the police had interfered and chased us out as.we had no on duty tag.. this is also another SPR tactic for not providing enough tag to the party representatives.

Leave the PACA to dealt with the KTM. I gave the other instruction some male supporters to closed the school gate. Our bargain was all the KTM. will not leave the centre with the signature for F14 for saluran 1.

More and more supporters were out side the school’s centre gate, by then the police and FRU were around the compound.

The ppl gathered chanted Sabah Ubah….. clean n fair election. They were hold back for almost 30 minutes before the ADO came to instruct the KTM to certified the said F14 for saluran 1. The rakyat were co-operative and supportive…. Really feeling the wind of change.

We were so proud of ourselves with this little hands on duty of ours to make a clean and fair election.

However the following day the PTM, cum the head mistress viral that I led a riot in Chung Hwa school me which made me famous and popular.

Cover image: Paul Lim, Flickr

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