“I have no Undi story for 509, 2018”

May 23, 2018


“I have no Undi story for 509, 2018”

Cerita Undi by Juliet Chin.

As a student leader in the 1970s, Juliet Chin risked prosecution under the draconian rule of the country. She had to seek asylum in France and therefore give up her Malaysian citizenship. Juliet however remains a fierce Malaysian and continues to contribute to this country in many different ways. She jots down her thoughts on this new dawn as the aspirations and sacrifices of the youth of her time merges with the aspirations of the youth of this new era.

Juliet Chin
1975 at Johor Bharu court prison during Tasik Utara trial.


Juliet Chin
ASA April to August 1985

I have no Undi story for 509, 2018
A Malaysian, exiled and disenfranchised
By the crackdown on activist students
On both sides of the Causeway, late 1974

Ironically, the Education Minister of our dark times
Is the Prime Minister in this new dawn!

I have no Undi story for 509, 2018
I did not campaign, I did not vote
To survive, I had fled and sought asylum

But that did not stop my heart
From hoping against hope
Of a people’s victory come 509, 2018

That it happened is testimony that
We can make miracles together

Thank you, Malaysians
For making my homecoming SWEET!

Juliet Chin,
Malaysian but one time
President of the University of Singapore Students Union


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