“Wah! Now I have the power to change the government”

May 22, 2018


“Wah! Now I have the power to change the government”

Cerita Undi by Shivaraja.

Hello there. Hi everyone. My story might be a bit long. Sorry if I bored you. My name is Shivaraja. I am a student. I registered as a voter in 2017, so technically GE 14 was my first time as a voter. After registration, I told myself “Wah! Now I have the power to change the government”. I got disappointed with some of my friends whom didn’t register as a voter. When I asked them why they didn’t do so, they replied to me, “One vote cannot make change Bro!”. I told them “Imagine what if a million people think as same as you”. I mean like Malaysia is a democratic country. Voting is our rights and also can be said as a power given to us. A way to express our opinion. You can’t find a change if you just sit there and criticising whole day about the government. Instead you express your opinion on the voting day if you wish to see a change. But for a second, I thought it wouldn’t be possible if only me having an idea like that, but it’s up to 14,806,184 voters, if they wish to see a new government. Malaysian people are in a critical situation. It wasn’t like this before. Honestly, I thought Malaysia is destined to be ruled by the same government always. But I was keep on telling myself to hope for the best and the only word that running in my mind is “WHAT IF?”. Whatever it is, as a citizen I have to do my responsibility.

After voting process, I was proudly showing my fore finger to everyone. That night on the election day, my family and I sat in front of the TV waiting to see the GE14 result. The day after the election, I am supposedly to go for work at 8.30 a.m. I just told myself “no matter how long it takes, no matter if I didn’t get a sleep, I will stay late night to see the results”. But as we know, at last they announced it is public holiday on 10 and 11th May 2018. The experience was indescribable. I mean like I never been so scared or worried even for my UPSR, PMR and SPM result but for GE14 it was. Finally, we got our victory. At that moment, I learned a few lessons. Never lose hope no matter what happen because even last minute any miracle can happen. Be the change you want to see. Even some of my friends whom didn’t register as voter regretted later for not doing so. I was so happy. I never felt like this before. It is not something achieved by Malays/Chinese/ Indians or other races. It is achieved by Malaysians. The victory truly belongs to all Malaysians. We are united always. Proud to be a Malaysian.

That’s all about my voting story. Thank you for reading my story. Once again sorry if I bored you.

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