“The clock was ticking, and we got talking to see how we could make his vote count”

June 11, 2018


“The clock was ticking, and we got talking to see how we could make his vote count”

Cerita Undi by Rao Murugesh.

Extraordinary Times Made Only Possible by Ordinary Malaysians.
9th June 2018

A month ago we millions of Malaysian locally and abroad brought change to bring hope to a New Malaysia! There have been many ground movement some publicly know and some not. This is a short story about a small group of Malaysians mostly strangers in Melbourne who wanted to take part in the PRU14.

My long time friend and buddy Vince Chang who is based out of Melbourne was getting very anxious as he had not received the postal vote. The clock was ticking, and we got talking to see how we could make his vote count. He like many others are only expected to receive the ballot paper on the 8th May morning the eve of the 9th May, the polling day in Malaysia. The social media and the movement like Bersih helped out but the logistical complexity to hand deliver the ballot from Melbourne to a polling (postal) station will sure need some miracle.

Vince, was on Social Media to see if anyone could carry his ballot papers on the latest flight from Melbourne to KL. Adrian Teo was the man of the hour, the chap that will be on a late night flight from Melbourne and expected to arrive in KLIA2 on the morning of polling day.

The Malaysia Voters In Melbourne @Melbourne Airport – Eve of Polling day!

On the 9th of May, like most Malaysian woke up early to head out to KLIA2 to collect that important ballot papers. Like many I was nervous an excited as I had out to the airport. Interesting was there were many people arriving and some activties going on exhange of evelopes. So I was guess they might be doing the samething until a young lady ask me if I am a runner (while I am a marathoner) but was thinking what gave it away as I was not wearing a runners tee. I said I am waiting for a friend to collect some postal votes and she said “here you might want to hold this” she gave me this card!

Closed to 8 am, when the polling station nationwide open, I manage to caught up with a tired looking but energetic Adrian who quickly get down to business and hand over the 8 ballot paper, there were people headed out to Penang and Sibu within the hour of his arrival. Adrian himself heading to Seremban to vote. Told him lets get some breakfast before we part. We had a quick breakfast and continue our journey.

Rao (me) & Adrian @KLIA2


Vince & Adrian @ Melbourne Airport

For me I have need been to a postal vote station, this a different station for each parliament area. So I made some calls to the postal stations and confirm where and when can I drop the ballot papers. Here is how I got the ballot papers delivered to me. In Hungry Jack (Burger King) paper bags.

Finally, with ballot papers with me for Subang, Puchong and Damansara I had to rush to cast my vote with my wife. Which some of you know took very long, had a quick lunch dash out to find the postal station and cast those votes. Most I have ever voted ?. Totally relived after delivering the postal votes from Melbourne. Every votes counts!

So glad to be part of the movement and thanks to Vince Chang and my new friend Adrian Teo and those in Melbourne for being a True Malaysian.

Rao Murugesh
#malaysiabaru #rakyatberani

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